Technical Analysis for Stocks

2 Months


Course Overview

Technical analysis is a methodology used by traders and investors to evaluate and predict the future price movements of stocks and other financial instruments. Unlike fundamental analysis, which focuses on a company’s financial health and intrinsic value, technical analysis relies on historical price and volume data, along with various chart patterns and technical indicators, to make trading decisions. By examining market trends, patterns, and behavior, technical analysis aims to identify potential buy and sell signals.

Course content

  • Basic Concepts of Technical Analysis
  • Price Charts and Chart Patterns
  • Support and Resistance Levels
  • Trend Analysis
  • Technical Indicators
  • Volume Analysis
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Risk Management and Stop Loss
  • Backtesting and Validation
  • Behavioral Aspects and Criticisms
  • Case Studies and Real-World Examples
  • Technology and Automation

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